Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Wish you a Merry Christmas (a bit late)! - North Dakota

Destination:   Sheyenne, North Dakota (USA)
Number of Days Spent:  A long weekend
Where we stayed:     Tracy's parents place in Sheyenne, ND
Best restaurant:   YUM...Christmas Eve dinner :-) 
Best of:   We had a great time spending time with family! 
Worst of:    By the end of the weekend we had accumulated 2 feet of snow.  Luckily the roads were ok driving back but poor Keith had to dig out the driveway & door with the snow blower before we could get in. 
Most Memorable:  Jason played Santa for the volunteer town dinner.  The kids loved him (and he was mighty cute I might add)!
Christmas is my favorite time of the year and snowy, cold North Dakota is in my mind, the best place to celebrate it (though please don't tempt me with the warm waters of the Caribbean, I might jump ship)!  Warmed by the presence of family we celebrated together with all the usual excess of the season!
DSC_0018 [640x480] DSC_0087s [640x480]
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DSC_0477 [640x480]  DSC_0498 [640x480]
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Sheyenne started a volunteer Christmas Day dinner last year and was such a success they decided to do it again this year.  Tracy, her mom & sister volunteered to help out with the festivities while Jason became an instant celebrity when he stopped by as Santa Claus!
 DSC_0721 [640x480] DSC_0728 [640x480] 
DSC_0752 [640x480] DSC_0741 [640x480]
DSC_0755 [640x480]
After the town dinner we relaxed at home with family and opened a few (or in Landon's case A LOT) of gifts.
DSC_0761 [640x480] DSC_0757 [640x480]
DSC_0780 [640x480] DSC_0785 [640x480]
DSC_0806 [640x480] DSC_0808 [640x480]
Check out this hat we picked up in Peru...perfect for keeping your head nice and warm when snow blowing.
DSC_0848 [640x480] DSC_0858 [640x480] DSC_0880 [640x480] DSC_0927 [640x480]
One of the more "interesting gifts" was a GO Girl for Tracy.  It helps the ladies, well, "GO" while standing up.  The package also includes one square of TP to help get you started!  Perhaps this could be a life saver on the road with all of the Asian squat I see a gear review in the future?
DSC_0874 [640x480]
The one drawback to the weekend was the two feet of snow dumped on the front lawn.   It is North Dakota, and Christmas time so I guess we should have expected it.  It makes we wonder why we don't opt for a Caribbean Christmas more often?
DSC_0938 [640x480] DSC_0942 [640x480]
DSC_0953 [640x480] DSC_0961 [640x480]
When we arrived back in Fargo the door was completely covered by a snow drift.  Luckily, Keith found a garage door opener in his pocket so he could get to his snow blower.  Don't feel too bad though, he has a fancy snow blower complete with hand warmers!  Only in North Dakota is such a luxury a necessity.
DSC_0105 [640x480]
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