Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Going offline for the next month in Burma

 After the last few weeks relaxing with family we are off on the last leg of our RTW trip.  Backpacks packed with the essentials, passports & visas (finally) in hand we set off for Myanmar (Burma) on February 1st, arriving some 37 hours later in Yangon on February 3rd.
We have heard from other travelers that blogspot is blocked (as is Facebook) so we'll update you on our trip via our blog when we head to India in March.  If you would like to know where we are currently check out the twitter box on the right hand side of the blog, with a little luck it should still work! 
Here is our tentative itinerary:
  • Burma - February
  • India - March & April
  • Indonesia - May (1st 2-3 weeks)
  • China - End of May through June
We have scheduled a few posts for February while we are traveling to get us fully up to date, we hope you enjoy reading about our time in ND as well as our East Coast road trip !  See you all this summer!

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