Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snapshot Sunday: Sunrise at Angkor Wat

This is a flashback shot from our first trip to Asia.  We visited friends in Thailand, spent some time lazing around the beach and visited the ruins of Angkor Wat.  We were wowed by so many things at Angkor, and the sunrise was no exception!



Connie said...

What a beautiful sunrise! I tried to catch the sunrise over Angor Wat but unfortunately, the clouds didn't want to cooperate! =( Oh well...I just keep telling myself that I'll return to Angor one day.

Jason and Tracy said...

Oh I would love to go back to Angkor to just explore one more time. A friend of mine is visiting there for the first time this week and I'm so jealous! It was our first trip to Asia and the first historic temple complex we had ever seen and just blew us away!

I'm sorry teaching in China didn't work out for you, but now you can choose all over again and try something else ;-). Sometimes that is a big part of the fun!