Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Photo Story: Yuanyang’s Colorful Ethnic Markets

Far from the organized tourist trail in China you’ll find Yuanyang.  It’s similar to Sapa & Bac Ha in Vietnam and one of our favorite stops from our two months in China.  Contact the Window to Yuanyang coffee shop for a market schedule before heading to Yuanyang and negotiate with a driver for a sunrise, market and sunset tour.  We paid 250 RMB for the van for the day split between 6 people (roughly $5 per person)   The market schedule rotates between villages based on the Chinese calendar (different animals for each day match up with a village where the market is scheduled that day).  The markets are filled with Hani, Yi & Dai market-sellers and market-goers.  It’s fascinating people watching, but we don’t have to tell you that, just check out the photos below!

DSC_4064_thumb2 DSC_4074_thumb2

DSC_4086_thumb2 DSC_4091_thumb2


DSC_4105_thumb2 DSC_4113_thumb2







Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

Wow - what a market indeed. Yuanyang looks fascinating and we can't wait to take a trip up that way...

Glad to have have stumbled across your blog and looking forward to following your 2 year - "drop everything" to see the world travels!!

-Carrie and Ben

Tracy said...

Thanks! I enjoyed your photos of Colorado, we spent 8 years there and love doesn't even to begin to describe how much we enjoyed it!