Sunday, October 10, 2010

Snapshot Sunday! Little Piggies Come to Market!

We found the daily markets near Yuanyang to be endlessly fascinating for people watching.  Colorful Bai and Hani people gather at these markets each day to sell livestock, fruits, vegetables, clothes or even to get their hair cut.  We couldn’t resist getting this shot with the sellers and market buyers chatting away while the poor little piggies were put out for purchase.  A typical daily scene at Yuanyang…



Anonymous said...

Tracy and Jason,

Patty and I are loving the blog. We just returned from another trip to Europe. We had a great time. The best to both of you and enjoy your travels

Ron and Patty Banks

Jason and Tracy said...

Ron & Patty,

Thanks for reading the blog! Jason and I will send you an email to catch up, we would love to hear how you are and what/where you were in Europe this year! I miss it, I was thinking the other day about spending a month in Santorini, Greece next summer but we're both thinking it will probably be at least another year before we get over to Europe again. We're thinking about spending a month in Mexico or Vancouver summer of 2011 but we're just going to see how it goes.

Tracy & Jason