Saturday, October 23, 2010

Snapshot Sunday: Ethnic Minorities in China, Miao Girl in Guizhou

Southern China is a melting pot of ethnic minorities.  In our two months traveling there we met Yao, Dong, Miao, Bai, Naxi and Tibetan people (and I’m sure I”m missing a few).  We stumbled upon this smiling Miao girl in Landhe near Kaili, the capital of Guizhou province! 



Connie said...

What a great photo! I can't wait until I get to the South Of China next month!

Jason and Tracy said...

Thanks! Enjoy your trip, which provinces are you visiting? It's fall now so the rice should be a beautiful golden color :-)

Karen Bedsaul said...

What a sweet child. Such colorful clothing. Someone took a lot of time in making such a beautiful garment. Love the pics,