Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's in our backpack - our packing list!

Since we're going to be traveling in a colder climate for South America we made a few additions to our SE Asian packing list! Here is what we're planning on bringing (still probably too much in Tracy's case but there is nothing new there)!
Tracy's Packing List
Gear Clothes
Osprey Luna Backpack 2 Pairs of pants - 1 black, 1 brown
Sea to Summit Pack Cover (doubles as a rain cover) 2 Pairs of shorts - 1 regular (tan), 1 athletic (black)
Travel Towel 1 Black skirt
Sea to Summit Waterproof compression sack Capris - beige
LL Bean Stowaway Pack (used as a daypack and rolled and stowed it away during transport 5 Tee shirts
LL Bean Toiletry Kit 4 Tank tops
Eagle Creek Pack-It CUbes - various sizes Black dress
REI stuff sacks - used to stow shoes 2 long sleeve - 1 Capilene 3 & 1 black cardigan
REI compression sacks Swim Suit
Travel blanket - borrowed from airline 3 bras
Sarong 9 pairs of underwear
2 Bandanas - can be used as wash cloths, sweat rags or when diving 3 pairs of socks - smartwool
2 Sporks Cold weather gear
Headlamp Marmot ultra light rain coat
Laundry line, plug & soap Glove liners
Travel umbrella Hat
Small black bag for storing "just in case" items - first air stuff, tummy remedies, etc North Face fleece - 1/4 inch
Gorillapod Under Armour cold gear - top & bottom
Sea to Summit waterproof bag for storing ipod, camera, etc Shoes
Sea to Summit Sleep Sheet Merrill hiking shoes
Eagle Creek Travel Wallet Chacos
PacSafe Lock Toiletries
Carabiner Disposable Contacts - 1 pair per day
Electronics Soap
Canon PowerShot Camera, Charger and cleaning kit Shampoo/Conditioner
Alarm clock Razor & extra blades
Ipod Shuffle Hair product
Just in Case Kit (split between packs) Hairspray
Sewing kit Face Soap
Safety pins Face Moisturizer
Duct tape Lotion
Kleenex pocket packs Makeup
Plug adapter Sunscreen - SPF 15 & 30
Twisty ties Comb
Ear plugs Travel brush
Bandaids Toothbrush, toothpaste & floss
Immodium Glasses
Aleve Egyptian Magic
Emergen C packs Tweezers
Passport, DL, ATM Card & Cash Reserve ($800) Facial cleansing cloths
Ambien, Anti-Malarials, Antibiotics Eye Drops
Copies of Passports Entertainment
Nalgene bottle Soduko Puzzle book
Eye Shade 2-3 Books
Blow Up Pillow Notebook & Pens
Miscellaneous Footprint GUidebook
Greatest sacrifice: hair dryer & extra shoes

Jason's Packing List
Gear Clothes
Osprey Crescent Backpack 2 pairs of pants - zip off (doubles as shorts)
Sea to Summit Pack Cover (doubles as rain cover) Swimsuit (can also be worn as shorts)
Travel towel 5 tee shorts
LL Bean Toiletry Kit 7 pairs of underwear
Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes 3 pairs of socks
REI Stuff sacks & compression sacks Fleece
PacSafe daypack Rain jacket
Leatherman Under Armour cold gear
LL Bean Travel Wallet Hat
Sea to Summit Sleep Sheet Gloves
Headlamp Winter face mask
Electronics 2 Bandanas
Canon PowerShot & Charger Shoes
MSI WInd Computer (and charger) Chacos
Extra Memory sticks & Cards Merrill Hiking Shoes
Headphones & Splitter Toiletries
Camera Underwater case Shampoo/Conditioner combo
SteriPen Water Purifier Soap
Headlamp Tweezer
Immersion Coil Toothbrush, toothpaste & floss
Entertainment Electric Razor
2-3 books Fingernail trimmer
Lonely Planet South America Miscellaneous
Playing cards Earplugs
Notebook & pens Advanced PADI cards
Skype Headset Passports

International drivers license

Greatest Sacrifice: Sonicare Toothbrush & Nintendo DS for long bus rides

As a side note we made it safely to Cartagena, Colombia on the 27th of January! Look for an update on the beginning of our South American adventures soon!


ScubaKay said...

Yeah! Good luck on the next leg of your journey! And thanks for keepign up the blog - I am really enjoying living vicariously through you two from the floursecent lights of my office job :-)

Couple questions -- have you used the Steri-Pen purifier, Electric Coil, and Nalgene bottle? And are you backing up your photos? (portable hard drive, ftp site, etc)

Other than that, our packing lists were nearly identical.

Jason & Tracy said...

The Steri-Pen is an awesome idea. I hate buying tons of plastic bottles of water and it's one way to reduce our impact. With that being said...the pen is better in theory than in practice. We use it about half the time. Sometimes the pen refuses to work for whatever reason. Other times, the water tastes bad, especially at coastal areas so safe or not, it's not really drinkable. The coil we just added b/c we like tea and coffee so much.
In SEA we had our "big" computer that had a Disk Drive to copy our pictures on and sent them home. We changed our computer to a little MSI Wind and we have a couple of flash drives/SD cards. It should be enough space but we will see.

Thanks for keeping up with the blog, we love it when people write us!

P.S. We used your list as reference for ours which might explain a lot of the similarities :-)