Sunday, January 18, 2009

The countdown to South America begins! One week to go!

We have spent the past few weeks in North Dakota and they have flown by. It's hard to believe that we have only ONE week to go before we set off for Colombia to begin our South American journey! It's time to get busy repacking our bags and finishing our itinerary. Instead of filling you in our last few weeks day by day, here are some of the photos with quick outlines of what we did!

Blowing snow in windy, snowy and cold Sheyenne, North Dakota in -11 Farenheit temps:

IMG_7650 [640x480]

Watched as Grandpa was flocked by a bunch of wintering flamingos:

IMG_7658 [Desktop Resolution]

Played with our loving pets that we missed oh so much:

IMG_2983 IMG_7675 [640x480]

Gambled the night away on several occasions:

IMG_7680 [640x480] IMG_7711 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7706 [Desktop Resolution]

Went ice fishing on Devils Lake, ND:


Visited with family:

IMG_7718 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7709 [Desktop Resolution]

Experienced -38 degree Farenheit temps:


And finally, celebrated a special birthday (Sara's 28th)!

IMG_7698 [Desktop Resolution]

To see more pictures of our time in North Dakota please click here!


Amanda said...

OOO...did Jason actually catch something in the lake? Or is that just the weight pulling the end down....or perhaps a chunk of ice

Jason & Tracy said...

Or perhaps...just perhaps...I might be standing on the hook :-) Pretty neat trick huh?

Anonymous said...

Hugs and love as you begin your journey today, you are in my prayers and heart, MOM