Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Muck Diving in Mabul

Dive Company: Scuba Junkies
Total Dives: 7
Dive Locations:
Artificial Reef - Depth 19.8 meters for 63 minutes
Froggy's Lair - Depth 16.2 meters for 47 minutes & 15.2 meters for 61 minutes
SeaVentures - Depth 16.8 meters for 57 minutes & 17 meters for 50 minutes
SWV - Depth 21.5 meters for 61 minutes
Eel Garden - Depth 14.9 meters for 46 minutes

Mabul is the muck diving capital of Borneo and it's called muck diving because the visibility is often poor. There are a number of beautiful natural reefs that are home to often seen creatures but the beauty of Mabul lies in the artificial reefs that are home to creatures rarely seen elsewhere such as frogfish, crocodile fish, ghost pipefish & scorpion fish. The variety is endlessly fascinating!

Here are some of our favorite photos from Mabul:

Yes, in case any of you are wondering that IS a toilet in the middle of the ocean. There are surprises everywhere down there.

To see more photos of Mabul please click here!

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