Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally, an excellent Internet connection in KK!


Destination: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Number of Days there: 3
One thing unexpected: How lazy we became.
Favorite Restaurant: Mee goreng at the strip mall across from Borneo 1 (RM 4 - $1.30 US)

Times we took the: Bus: 2 Train/Subway: 1 Taxi/Car: 2; Motorcycle: 0
Estimated KM walked: Not very many
Where we stayed: Tune Hotel - $15-$19 per night

What we liked: Western style rooms with 5 star beds & showers with unlimited hot water

What we disliked: The hotel was located way north of town at the 1 Borneo shopping center

Our flight to Sabah was a bit late so we arrived into KK after the shuttles finished for the night so we took a taxi to our hotel. Our hotel offered free wireless Internet so between the two of us we essentially fought over the computer every waking moment of the day. It's amazing how addictive it becomes when you're connected to the "real" world. The night we arrived we stayed in and picked up a pizza (Pizza Hut) & ice cream from McD's (I can't believe I'm even admitting to it but there you go) and then stayed up until 2am surfing the web. This set the stage for the remainder of our days in KK. The next morning we took our one and only trip into town to visit the Sunday Market. I had my hopes set rather high and thought that there would be a lot of crafts to browse but it was just a regular market with some fruit, a little bit of food and vendors selling odds and ends. The one redeeming item was Pau which is a Chinese bread that comes hot and stuffed with coconut and sugar (yummy and a steal for $.25-$.30)! Other than that the market was rather disappointing. After visiting the market we strolled around town, stopped to talk to a travel agent about tours and diving and headed back to our hotel. We then spent the next two days exploring the shopping mall, picking up odds and ends (hats & gloves) for our trek up Mt. Kinabalu, booking our own cheaper and independent tours, surfing the web & enjoying the comforts of a western hotel. It wasn't very exciting but it sure was nice! We were able to finally upload photos & videos as well as talk to our families over Skype. Our 3 day "mini" vacation went by much too quickly!

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