Sunday, September 26, 2010

Snapshot Sunday! Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces

Here is a sneak peak to one of our upcoming blogs!  This was taken at sunrise while we were hiking between Ping‘an and Dazhai in the Guangxi region of China.  The hike was gorgeous and getting up to the top of the terraces for sunrise was definitely worth it! Don’t miss this hike if you are in the area!


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Karen Bedsaul said...

Loved the 182 pics. went through them with folks at work, everyone was in awe, except for one gal that got sick when she saw the cooked dogs. Did you try some? Oh, today when I loaded the site there was no trigger map, did you remove it??
Keep the info coming. I do enjoy the pics and read. I would have been frightened by a 3 hour standoff. You guys are just downright brave!!