Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bath Time in Hampi, India

Rubber Ducky you’re the one…you make bath time so much fun!

What happens when you have a festival that attracts nearly 100,000 people?  In America or the Western world hotels book up months if not years in advance, restaurants fill to the brim and traffic is horrific for miles and miles.  In India, the rock cliff face will do for sleeping, people sustain on chapati and chai and the primary modes of transport is your god given feet.  With all that partying, praying and colored powder flying, it’s time to wash up.  A little holy river water should do the trick.      





The star of the ‘show’ however is of course Lakshmi the temple elephant.  Every morning around 7:00am, her handlers take her down to the river to get washed up.  Sometimes we wonder how these animals are treated, but she seemed to be having a good time splashing around, spraying water all over, and getting the spa treatment.


 DSC_8515 DSC_8521 DSC_8524  DSC_8539 DSC_8975 


Perhaps the most interesting part is how nimble these gentle giants can be.  Despite her size, she took these steps one at a time just as we would without loosing balance.


Partied out and all washed up, we climbed out of the Hampi boulders and off to the beautiful beaches of Goa for a little R & R!


Connie said...

What beautiful pictures of Lakshmi! I do miss Hampi. Thank you so much for bringing back such wonderful memories for me!

Karen Bedsaul said...

Was she an old elephant? Was that the cause of her fading colors? Or is that her norm??
The pretty red dots on her face were cute