Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wet & Wild - Iguazu Falls, Argentina


Destination: Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Number of Days: 2

Times we took the: Boat/Ferry - 1 Bus/Minivan - 6 Train/Subway - 0 taxi/car - 0

Where we stayed: Canaus Punta (I'm not sure if I'm remembering that correctly) - 100 pesos - $27

Favorite Restaurant: We were there for a such a short time we only ate at 1 restaurant - El Quincho del Tio Querido - The steaks were great, the chorizo very average & the wine list overpriced for the quality.

Best of: Rainbows everywhere :-)

Worst of: We missed the bird sanctuary because we didn't have enough time.

First class all the way! We boarded our El Bariloche Bus (Executive Cama - $60 each way) for the 25 hour ride up to Puerto Iguazu. We were welcomed with chocolates, a pillow, a blanket, a meal with wine and a glass of champagne before bed! A nice way to start off such a long bus journey. Well rested the next morning we watched a few flicks and planned our 24 whirlwind tour of Puerto Iguazu, home of Iguazu Falls.

IMG_0035 [640x480]IMG_0640 [640x480]

Iguazu Falls are considered the most magnificent in South America. They are so impressive that Eleanor Roosevelt remarked "poor Niagara" when she saw them. They are certainly the most spectacular falls that we have ever seen! We started our visit to the falls with a train to the Garanta del Diablo, the Devils's Throat. Words can't really describe the enormity of this section of the falls. Here's a panoramic view of Devil's throat:

IMG_0690 [640x480]

IMG_0691 [640x480]

IMG_0692 [640x480]

IMG_0693 [640x480]

The next day we arrived at the park bright and early in time to hike both the circuito superior (upper level) and circuito inferior (lower level) of the falls and to take a boat ride into the falls (100 pesos for 17 minutes and worth every one). Here are a few of our favorite shots of the two days!

IMG_0688 [640x480] IMG_0781 [640x480]IMG_0763 [640x480]

IMG_0803 [640x480] IMG_0811 [640x480]

IMG_0823 [640x480] IMG_0818 [640x480]

While visiting the falls we also came across several species of butterfly, birds, insects and coatis. See, it wasn't only a wet trip, it was wild too!

IMG_0761 [640x480] IMG_0746 [640x480] IMG_0752 [640x480] IMG_0757 [640x480] IMG_0758 [640x480] IMG_0047 [640x480]

To see more photos from Iguazu Falls please click here!

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