Friday, March 6, 2009

Loading up and checking in for our 16 night cruise!


Destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina & Star Princess (international waters)

Number of Days: 1 + 16

Times we took the: Boat/Ferry - 1; Bus/Minivan - Train/Subway - taxi/car - Motorbike -

Where we stayed: In Buenos Aires we stayed at the Florida Hostel Suites (190 pesos/$60) and then we boarded the Star Princess for our 16 night cruise for $1000 per person

Our flight to Buenos Aires went off without a hitch and we spent a day there before we boarded the Star Princess for our 16 day cruise to Antarctica and Cape Horn (that's right...Antarctica here we come)! This was a great deal as most ships going to Antarctica normally charge $4000 to $5000 for a 10 day trip and we had the opportunity to take this cruise on a luxurious ship for significantly less!

We used our day in Buenos Aires to wander around Florida Street, purchase a pair of formal worthy pants for Jason as well as wine & laundry detergent to bring on board the ship. We also used the time to do an early check in for the cruise and to enjoy one of Argentina's & steak! We stopped into La Chacra for dinner and had a nice tenderloin steak with a bottle of local Malbec, it was the perfect way to end our short stay in Buenos Aires. We were definitely sad to leave such a beautiful city so early, but we will be back soon enough!


Here are a few photos of our ship, the Star Princess!


IMG_0069 IMG_0006

IMG_0052 IMG_0048

Our itinerary:

Buenos Aires to Valparaiso

14-Feb-09 - Board Star Princess in BA

15-Feb-09 - Montevideo, Uruguay

16-Feb-09 - At Sea - Star Princess

17-Feb-09 - At Sea - Star Princess

18-Feb-09 - Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

19-Feb-09 - At Sea - Star Princess

20-Feb-09 - Antarctic Peninsula (Elephant island)

21-Feb-09 - Antarctic Peninsula (Admiralty Bay & Esperanza Station)

22-Feb-09 - Antarctic Peninsula (Gerlach Strait, Neumayer Glacier & Channel)

23-Feb-09 - Originally Antarctic Peninsula (Deception Island) but due to bad weather - At Sea in Drake's Passage

24-Feb-09 - Cruising Cape Horn & Beagle Channel

25-Feb-09 - Ushuaia, Argentina

26-Feb-09 - Punta Arenas, Chile

27-Feb-09 - At Sea - Star Princess

28-Feb-09 - At Sea - Star Princess

1-Mar-09 - At Sea - Star Princess

2-Mar-09 - Depart Star Princess - Valparaiso/Vina del Mar

Total Nautical Miles: 4803 nautical miles

Saying goodbye to Buenos Aires we started our journey of 4803 nautical miles to Valparaiso! First stop, Montevideo, Uruguay!


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