Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Langkawi, Malaysia


Destination: Langkawi, Malaysia

Number of Days there: 2 days

Times we took the: Boat: 0; Bus/Minivan: 0; Train/Subway: 0 Taxi/Car: 3; Motorbike: 0

Where we stayed: We stayed at two places in Langkawi. The first was the Sandy Beach Hotel for 88 RM/$27 which I would not recommend at all. For the price it was a dump with a funny smell. The included breakfast was equally disappointing (in fact, I wouldn't even both with it). We also stayed at the Landor ???? Hotel which was at the end of the strip and more expensive but quite nice at 110 RM - $35 which included hot water, wifi & AC in a spotless room.

Favorite Restaurant: Red Tomato: Australian red wine at $2 per glass (a steal for Malaysia), homemade pasta dishes for $6-$10, tomato basil soup for $2, homemade yogurt for $2 & huge fruit plates for $2-$3

Best of: Sunning ourselves on the beach!

Worst of: December is a school holiday for Malaysia so Langkawi was totally overrun with tourists which made prices extremely high for SE Asia. Worse, many people were downright unfriendly.

We finally made it out of Saigon and after a rather long layover in Kuala Lumpur we took a flight to to Langkawi! We had high expectations for Langkawi and unfortunately we were rather disappointed and ultimately decided to only use it as a transit point. On the first full day there we took it easy, took advantage of free wifi at Red Tomato to call our families, took out money for the transfer to Koh Lipe and spent a few lovely hours lazing on their white beach! We splurged that night and took advantage of duty free alcohol with dinner at Red Tomato (yummy)! The next morning we headed to Koh Lipe!

One week later we returned for our final evening in SE Asia! We booked ourselves into a nice hotel and made a final stop at the Red Tomato before settling in and packing for our 50 hour journey (THAT'S RIGHT 50 HOURS) back to the United States. Bags packed and ready to go we said goodbye to SE Asia and headed home!

To see more photos of Langkawi please click here!

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