Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dude, where's my house?

It finally sold! After some tense and nail biting moments we are officially homeless now. Let's just say we really got to know our Real Estate agent between all the phone calls and e-mails. I believe the phrase "Looking better, but..." will be emblazoned in my memory for a while. Adding some fuel to our fire of hatred for HOA's; our wonderful group released a nice form letter (which we also received at exactly the same time six years ago) on the Wednesday before closing advising us that our house will need to be painted before January 2010! Gee, thanks for the head's up. Perfect timing heh? We were signing the papers Friday morning without even knowing if the buyers had received final loan approval. With all the uncertainty that didn't leave us much time to actually get our stuff out of the house so in the final moments, Leah came with her truck and bailed us out!
So now we have moved all our stuff into either a car or the 10x10 storage unit and are living it up Downtown for the next couple of weeks while we finish our jobs out, try and sell one of the cars, and do some other odds and ends. Hope to book the first flight real soon!

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